Thursday, September 21

Consumer Reviews

  • Ergonomic pen can end painful cramping
    The Ergo-Sof PenAgain is an ergonomic writing pen with a soft silicone coating that adds extra comfort. The “Y”-shaped design helps to reduce the need to squeeze the pen tightly when writing, and decreases gripping strain. The Ergo-Sof PenAgain has an ergonomic index finger cradle which allows the natural weight of the user’s own hand […]
  • A jar opener that twists off irksome tight lids
    It adds strength to your wrist with a simple mechanical function, more leverage thanks to the lengthened handle. The serrated edge assures a tight grip. It’s an essential kitchen tool, and the price is right. There are any number of similar tools that perform the same function, and all work on the same principle, adding […]
  • A knife that is easy to use
    Difficulties in gripping cutlery is one of those signs of aging that we struggle with just about every day.  Thankfully, the knives that are designed with the grip handles solve the problem effortlessly. There are many versions of the concept and just about all of them work well.  Cutting a slice of rye bread with […]
  • “Saving the Birds” is considerably more than a coffee table book.
    Photographer Owen Deutsch began to photograph birds solely because of their beauty and for his own pleasure, but quickly realized that the world’s bird populations were decreasing at an alarming rate. With many species becoming extinct and countless others threatened with extinction, he felt the urgency to protect them in what became clear to him […]