Should there be a mandatory age for seniors to give up their driving license? As it turns out, the topic was not so controversial after all.

Seniors adamantly against mandatory age for driving license

The results of the Senior News Daily opinion survey are in and the opinions expressed were virtually unanimous. What we thought might be controversial proved not to be so, after all. Responses from our senior readers were adamantly against suspending one’s driver’s license based on reaching an arbitrary age.

            To say everyone over the age of 75+ is not suited to driving a vehicle is totally unfair to those individuals who are healthy in all aspects to handle a vehicle. (P.F)  My Gramps on my mom’s side was 102 when he quit driving (L.E.) Absolutely not.  My grandmother lived to be ninety nine years old and people that didn’t know her thought she was in her sixties. (L.J)

A few responses endorsed the policies now in effect in most states; to give seniors an eyesight exam and a driving proficiency test every two years after age 80. 

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