Wednesday, April 17

Tag: Aging


Take a lesson from a top-notch surfer boy (catch a wave, catch a wave)

Staring at the screen… don’t know what to write, lacking all inspiration or outrage or energy.  Maybe a sugar rush would help… tramping up and down the stairs surreptitiously snatching Hersey Kisses from the frig after spending five minutes on Spell Check trying to spell surreptitiously.  Up and down the stairs… reminds me of my dismay at moving into a house with stairs to a second floor and Arlene assuaging my reluctance by replying, “what stairs, I see a built-in tread mill.”  Hmm, could be a piece about perspective determining how we view life.  Nah, too big a stretch. Thought about this being the anniversary of our first year in the boonies.  Title: “It’s been a year since we left the city, but the city hasn’t left me.”  Pretty good lead into the dange...