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  • Pope Francis Begins Visit to Iraq, in ‘Duty to a Land Martyred’

    The slant – The unrest caused by the belief, religious or secular, that we live in a world of “us” versus “them,” continues to foster divisiveness. Perhaps these formidable leaders can begin the move toward harmony.

    Francis seeks to help heal a nation uniquely wounded by violent sectarianism, foreign adventurism and persecution of minorities.

  • Senate Is on Track for Stimulus Vote After Democrats Agree to Trim Jobless Aid

    The slant – For millions of Americans looking up from the bottom the debate about “what’s too much” is cruel. Help at the very basic level is needed and that’s what a group of rich Senators must understand.

    Bowing to moderates who said the jobless aid was too generous, Democrats dropped their bid to raise a weekly federal unemployment benefit to $400 from $300.

  • To mask or not to mask? CDC and Texas have different answers

    The slant – Recent announcements by the governors of Texas and Mississippi have health officials pleading for Americans to continue social distancing and mask-wearing.

    Those of us extremely vulnerable to the virus might want to weigh in on the matter.

  • Voting rights or the filibuster? Democrats will probably have to choose

    The slant – The sweeping reform bill would nullify the new wave of voter restrictions that Republicans are pushing at the state level.

    With the Senate now under Democratic control, the push for the bill will set up the first of many tests for Senate Democrats as they debate whether to change the chamber’s filibuster rules or watch the GOP stall President Joe Biden’s agenda.

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