Saturday, July 13
  • Did she give valuable advice… or was it all for the television audience? Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Radio And TV Sex Therapist, Dies

    Dr. Ruth’s unlikely journey to becoming America’s premier sexpert began in Nazi Germany — where she was born in 1928; both her parents were killed in the Holocaust — to Israel, where she moved following World War II, to France, where she studied psychology, and finally New York City where, then in her 40s, she worked under pioneering sex therapist Helen Singer Kaplan. In Westheimer’s early 50s, she launched the radio talk show Sexually Speaking on New York’s WYNY, where she tackled a wide range of sexual subjects previously too taboo for airwaves. Though it only aired weekly for 15 minutes on Sunday nights, within a year of its first broadcast, the show was attracting a radio audience of a quarter-million listeners. Syndication to dozens more radio stations nationwide soon followed, quickly establishing “Dr. Ruth,” despite her thick accent, Minnie Mouse-esque voice and short (4’7″) stature, as one of the nation’s most popular sex therapist.In 1982, Westheimer came to the attention of a national audience when she made her first (of 14) appearances on David Letterman’s late-night show. After guest appearances on many TV talk shows, Westheimer was made host of her own television program, Good Sex!, in 1984; the show was retitled simply The Dr. Ruth Show the following year. As the program rose in popularity, The Dr. Ruth Show became a magnet for unlikely guests who opened up about their own sexual experiences. [More]

  • At what point do we decry the ostentation? The son of Asia’s richest man is set to marry in the year’s most extravagant wedding

    Global celebrities, business tycoons and politicians began arriving in India’s financial capital on Friday to attend the wedding of the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man, highlighting the billionaire’s staggering wealth and rising clout. Anant Ambani, 29, is marrying his longtime girlfriend, Radhika Merchant, in what many have dubbed the wedding of the year. The celebrations are taking place at the Ambani-owned Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai and their family home and are the culmination of months of wedding events that featured performances by pop stars including Rihanna and Justin Bieber. The four-day wedding celebrations begin with a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony on Friday, followed by a grand reception that will run through the weekend. The guest list includes former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Boris Johnson, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin H. Nasser, Adele, Lana Del Rey, Drake and David Beckham, according to local media. [More]

  • Oh no, it’s our favorite store. Costco membership fees are going up for the first time since 2017

    The company estimated that 52 million memberships will be impacted, a little over half of which are Executive members, Costco said. It’s soon going to cost more money to get your foot in the door at Costco. But the good news is your hot dog is still $1.50 — for now at least. The retailer is raising membership fees by $5 to $65 a year in the US and Canada, Costco announced Wednesday. This marks the first time in seven years Costco is raising membership fees. Additionally, Costco’s premium “Executive Membership” is going up by $10 to $130 a year. But those members will soon be able to earn a maximum of $1,250 in rewards annually versus $1,000 currently. Annual fees have been one of the biggest profit-generating areas for Costco, helping it offset expenses to keep its prices down. Last year, Costco earned $4.6 billion in revenue from membership fees, an 8% increase from 2022.

  • A bit of juicy gossip: We’ve been watching this play out for eight years! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Divorce Is Still Being Hashed Out

    Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016, and both sides are still negotiating remaining issues in the divorce negotiations, “but it’s not done yet.” The actors, who shared the screen in 2005’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith as well as 2015’s By the Sea, were declared legally single by a judge back in 2019. The exes have six kids together: Maddox, 22, Zahara, 19, Pax, 20, Shiloh, 18, and twins Knox and Vivienne, who turn 16 on July 12. A source indicated that Pitt, 60, has “virtually no contact” with their adult children, but per his agreement with Jolie, “he has visitation with the younger kids.” In recent months, his interaction with the younger children has been more limited because of his filming schedule. (Pitt has been filming F1 in the U.K., and was recently spotted spending time with girlfriend Ines de Ramon at the British Grand Prix.)

  • Have you become a fan of the WNBA? Las Vegas’ A’ja Wilson is the on cover of NBA 2K25, a first for game players

    Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum and Las Vegas Aces forward A’ja Wilson are the cover stars of NBA 2K25, it was announced Wednesday. The game will be released Sept. 6th. Tatum is the cover star of the standard edition of the game, and the two champions are on the cover of the the All-Star edition. With Wilson on the deluxe edition, it marks the first time a WNBA player will be on a global edition of the video game franchise, just another notch in the growth of women’s basketball.

  • America is in deep do-do. Trump is as seriously impaired as Biden. Latest rant is incoherent.

    In his first campaign rally since the presidential debate, Donald Trump went on a bizarre tangent that left critics disgusted and questioning his fitness for office. Speaking at his Doral golf club in Florida, the former president was discussing his campaign pledge to tipped workers when he began sharing an anecdote about a waitress he said he met in Nevada. “A waitress came over, beautiful waitress — and I never liked talking about physical — she’s beautiful inside, because you never talk about a person’s look. Ever,” said Trump, who has called women “fat,” “disgusting” and “unsexy,” among other misogynistic attacks, over the decades. He then launched into a backhanded attack on former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a Trump ally turned critic who went up against the former president in the presidential primaries. [More]

  • Millennials look younger for their age while Gen Z looks older for their age. Experts have an answer why

    The key element from the conversation about the different experiences of aging among millennials (a group aged around 28 to 43 as of 2024) and Gen Z (a group that spans ages 12 to 27) suggests that Millennials, on the whole, were the first generation to embrace SPF and avoid smoking, while some in Gen Z are doing the opposite. Millennials have embraced the wisdom and mistakes from the generations before them, applying sunscreen diligently and correctly, putting it on before going out and reapplying as needed. That made a difference, especially compared to the generations before them who repeated used baby oil mixed with iodine and sun reflectors to tan and burn. Beyond sunscreen, those born in the ’80s and ’90s are pretty meticulous about other parts of their daily skin care routines. As they move deeper into their 30s and 40s, they’re incorporating products with antioxidants and retinoids to slow down some of the tell-tale signs of aging.

  • What Is the ‘Die With Zero’ Movement (and Is It Right for You)?

    The DWZ movement emphasizes spending money on meaningful experiences while you’re young and healthy enough to enjoy them. This could mean traveling, pursuing hobbies, or investing in personal growth. The idea is that these experiences often provide more value and happiness than material possessions or a large bank account later in life. While the movement doesn’t advocate reckless spending, it encourages finding a middle ground between saving for the future and enjoying the present. This means saving enough to meet future needs and maintain financial security, but not hoarding wealth unnecessarily at the expense of current experiences and opportunities. [More]

  • What’s your opinion: was Biden’s awful debate performance a ‘condition’ or just an ‘episode’?

    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Tuesday that it’s valid for people to ask whether President Joe Biden’s poor performance at the debate Thursday night was just “an episode” or part of a “condition.” “I think it’s a legitimate question to say, is this an episode, or is this a condition? And so when people ask that question, it’s completely legitimate — of both candidates,” Pelosi, still a prominent member of the House Democratic Caucus, said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” “Both candidates owe whatever test you want to put them to, in terms of their mental acuity and their health — both of them,” she added. During last week’s debate, Biden repeatedly appeared to lose his train of thought and stumbled over his words several times. His performance — which even close allies admitted was a setback — renewed speculation about whether he should be replaced as the Democratic presidential nominee. Trump, who is 78, has also faced questions about his mental fitness after he mixed up Pelosi with former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley earlier this year. Several business executives who met with Trump in Washington, D.C., last month also told CNBC that he was “remarkably meandering” and “could not keep a straight thought” throughout the event.

  • Ukraine and Russia at War. Headlines have moved off front page, but the fighting rages on, and Ukraine is on the defensive.

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started the deadliest war on European soil in more than 70 years. It’s still going, even as the headlines – and peoples’ support fade from sight. Secretary of State Blinken and top Zelenskiy aide discuss bringing Ukraine closer to NATO, while Russian military says it captured two east Ukrainian villages. More on the fighting.

  • Who knew? There’s actually a right way (and a wrong way) to pet a dog

    Veterinarians stress that there’s etiquette you should follow when petting a dog. This is especially true if it’s a dog you don’t know. Much like humans, dogs are complex creatures with a wide range of personalities, so it helps to know the basics of dog psychology and body language before approaching. The best way to initiate contact with a dog (after getting the owner’s permission, of course) is to reach out and let the dog sniff your hand. Dogs live through their olfactory sense much more than their visual one, so be sure to keep your hands curled, as if you were chopping vegetables, just in case the dog feels threatened and lunges to bite your fingers. If the dog seems pretty comfortable and doesn’t recoil from your hand, the best place to pet a dog is under the chin. The one thing you should never do is immediately start patting the dog’s head. This can be seen as a dominant, aggressive gesture because dogs generally keep their nose to the ground. If a dog feels something touching the top of his head, he might think it’s a bigger dog attacking him and react in a defensive manner.

  • How Digital Pricing Works—And Might Save You Money (or might not!)

    Digital price labels could be coming to a grocery store near you—if it isn’t there already. The pricing system, which replaces paper stickers with electronic labels that can be changed in real time, is being rolled out in stores like Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, and the Midwestern chain Schnucks. Walmart recently became the latest retailer to announce that it will soon switch to a digital pricing model, expanding into 2,300 stores by 2026. But the switch has caused apprehension amongst consumers worried that the ability for stores to change prices quickly might make them more vulnerable to price gouging— in which the price of a good is increased when there’s higher demand. [More]

  • How to Know When High Temperatures Are Getting Dangerous—And What to Do to Stay Safe in a Heat Wave

    The Midwest and East Coast are in the middle of a heat dome, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Heat waves are getting hotter as global warming leads to more extreme weather, and 2023 was the hottest year on record. Some scientists say 2024 is poised to be even hotter overall. As temperatures rise, so do concerns about heat-related illnesses. According to the National Weather Service, heat kills more people in the U.S. than hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes combined. Doctors are also still learning about how poor sleep quality on hot days can increase symptoms of anxiety and depression. Here’s a brief guide to preventing heat exhaustion and heat stroke— and what cities around the U.S. are doing to help residents stay safe.

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