• PIP: Full list of conditions giving 3 million people up to £627 a month -are you eligible?·

    www.express.co.uk / Haematological disease – 6,784Infectious disease – 7,710Malignant disease – 90,308Metabolic disease – 4,400Psychiatric disorders – 1,082,483Neurological disease – 384,832Visual disease – 54,431Hearing disorders – 31,557Cardiovascular disease – 75,313Gastrointestinal disease – 25,363Diseases of the liver, gallbladder, biliary tract – 10,442Skin disease – 19,595Musculoskeletal disease – 601,750Musculoskeletal disease – 354,951Autoimmune disease – 16,639Genitourinary disease – 21,991Endocrine disease – 40,519Respiratory disease – 130,591Multisystem and extremes of age – 1,056Diseases of the immune system – 949. (Jun 26 03:00 PM)

  • Upcoming calendar

    www.saratogian.com / SUMMER READING PROGRAM: The tide of Summer Reading is coming in with Oceans of Possibilities! Check out the Waterford Public Library calendar for weeks of programing. (Jun 26 12:08 PM)

  • Your Community: Johnson County Library welcomes new county librarian

    shawneemissionpost.com / Central Resource Library is home to the system’s administrative and support staff, as well as the Friends of Johnson County Library, the Johnson County Library Foundation, the Black & Veatch MakerSpace and the Johnson County Genealogical Society. (Jun 25 03:02 PM)

  • NPS pension calculator: How to get monthly income of·

    www.livemint.com / NPS pension calculator: National Pension System is a government-backed pension scheme, which gives exposure in both equity and debt instruments. (Jun 25 12:53 AM)

  • 7 Best Cat Foods of June 2022

    money.com / Best Cat Food FAQ. All cat food brands include feeding directions in the back of the bag. (Jun 24 03:13 PM)

  • Best Resveratrol Supplement: Get Anti-Aging Resveratrol Benefits In 2022

    southernmarylandchronicle.com / The third product on the best resveratrol supplement list is not just a typical resveratrol supplement but a combination of elements that battle inflammation and support overall wellness. (Jun 24 08:45 AM)

  • 10 Best Korean TV Shows to Stream Right Now

    www.aarp.org / If you’re ready to get swept up by the Korean wave, here are 10 more South Korean shows to stream. (Jun 23 03:31 PM)

  • Does the AARP have a billion-dollar conflict of interest?

    www.tampabay.com / Young said AARP “Advocates for policies that are in the best interests of seniors without regard to how it may impact revenue or any licensing agreements.” He said AARP “Has taken many strong stands against the insurance industry,” citing opposition in 2017 to proposed legislation that AARP said could have hiked seniors’ premiums by as much as $3,000 a year. (Jun 22 09:28 PM)

  • Is Aging in Place an Option in Florida?

    www.floridapolicy.org / An FAQ released by federal CMS provides some examples of Medicaid eligibility groups protected under these “No termination” requirements including: former foster care youth aging out when they turn 26; youth aging out of children’s eligibility when they turn 19; individuals who become ineligible for SSI; individuals no longer qualifying for Qualified Medicare Benefits. (Jun 22 06:55 PM)

  • Editorial: The time to save Social Security and Medicare is now

    journaltimes.com / As chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Scott has proposed a radical plan that includes sunsetting most federal programs – which would include Social Security and Medicare. (Jun 22 12:00 PM)

  • Best Outdoor Plays and Musicals to Attend in Summer 2022

    www.aarp.org / The outdoor Elizabethan theater will also be home to a decidedly more modern work by New York-based theater company Vampire Cowboys, who fill their plays with geeky references, social commentary and tons of rock music. (Jun 21 05:30 PM)

  • Victims of sexual abuse upset convicted clerics cared for in Catholic retirement home

    www.cbc.ca / “The Oblates of Mary Immaculate condemn the horrific acts of sexual abuse by Eric Dejaeger,” Thorson wrote in an email to CBC. “While no decision has been made, it is possible that Dejaeger may reside in an Oblate community where we can ensure he follows his release plan under close supervision and with a full restriction of any activity that could bring him into close contact with minors.” (Jun 20 11:16 PM)

  • AARP’s Guide to Hawaii’s Haleakalā National Park·

    www.aarp.org / Located near the park entrance, the trail represents one of the only green spots in the Summit District’s barren landscape, looping visitors through native shrubland and alien forest. (Jun 20 06:50 PM)

  • Why hasn’t my £22k pension increased after PPF cap was ruled unlawful?·

    www.thisismoney.co.uk / As a result, the PPF HAS ABOLISHED THE CAP AND ARE NOW IN THE PROCESS OF PAYING AFFECTED PENSIONERS APPROPRIATE RETROSPECTIVE COMPENSATION.I asked the PPF what about those pensioners whose pensions were capped under – at the time – legally-imposed PPF constraints and rules, but were not adopted into the PPF itself. (Jun 20 06:50 AM)

  • Upcoming calendar

    www.saratogian.com / SARATOGA SPRINGS FREE/REDUCED PRICE SCHOOL MEALS: Saratoga Springs City School District has announced a free and reduced price meal policy for Saratoga Springs area school children. (Jun 19 02:38 PM)

  • AARP’s billion-dollar bounty: Healthcare businesses pay for advertising ‘royalties’ that bring in three times as much as member dues

    www.nny360.com / Young said AARP “Advocates for policies that are in the best interests of seniors without regard to how it may impact revenue or any licensing agreements.” He said AARP “Has taken many strong stands against the insurance industry,” citing opposition in 2017 to proposed legislation that AARP said could have hiked seniors’ premiums by as much as $3,000 a year. (Jun 19 04:15 AM)

  • Aging in magma rheology

    www.nature.com / The temporal variation in magma rheology caused by aging would prompt the formation of high-viscosity plug of magma flow inside a volcanic conduit and would control the onset/stop of magma and lava flows. (Jun 15 03:48 PM)

  • World Health Organization will rename monkeypox after scientists claimed its name is RACIST

    www.dailymail.co.uk / Pride events ‘can spread public health messages about monkeypox’ Global Pride events are an opportunity to spread public health messages about monkeypox and must not be cancelled, an expert has told a World Health Organization briefing. (Jun 15 07:48 AM)

  • How to Become a National Park Volunteer

    www.aarp.org / “Seniors are experienced and full of wisdom, and their hearts are open to sharing this wisdom and helping others to discover the wonders of national parks, nature and the star-filled universe,” says Matt Johnson, volunteer coordinator at Curecanti National Recreation Area near Gunnison, Colorado, who has been supervising volunteers for the past 20 years in parks including Yellowstone National Park. (Jun 10 04:26 PM)

  • Take AARP’s Newest Weekly News Quiz

    www.aarp.org / He previously served as editor-in-chief for business news publisher Industry Dive and was a senior digital editor for NPR, USA Today and CNN.. (Jun 10 04:09 AM)

  • New Aging Survey Shows It’s Time to Throw Out Stereotypes

    www.aarp.org / Skip to content ​The National Geographic and AARP exclusive study shows that older Americans are redefining their health, defying challenges and living with purpose The New Aging. (Jun 06 04:31 PM)

  • 2 Minute Medicine Rewind June 6, 2022

    www.2minutemedicine.com / A total of 54 733 residents of 757 retirement homes and 2 354 385 residents of other settings were included. (Jun 06 10:49 AM)

  • Pageant participants in queen’s jubilee celebrate diverse UK

    tucson.com / Just as the queen promised the nation at the height of the pandemic that people would meet their friends and families again, so the performers are celebrating the ability to dance again as part of a community – a group even tighter now than before. (Jun 04 06:34 AM)

  • Ship-sponsored vs. independent shore excursions on cruises: Which should you book?

    thepointsguy.com / Communications between the shore excursion guide and your ship are tight, and if the tour runs late due to traffic or another reason, the ship will wait for your bus to return. (Jun 01 02:04 PM)

  • 11 Supermarkets That Give Seniors a Discount·

    www.aarp.org / Deal: Senior discount is available at select stores throughout the country. (May 26 08:03 PM)

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