• Church leads effort to keep active; St. Paul Baptist holds 5K walk

    thetandd.com / The Rev. Sarah Priester of St. Paul Baptist Church is excited about the possibility of improving the health of African-American women, an effort she began with a 5K walk held Sept. 17 at the church. (Oct 01 07:00 PM)

  • Aetna 2023 Medicare plans put money back in members’ pockets

    finance.yahoo.com / “To help lower their health care costs, we expanded our Aetna Medicare Solutions portfolio of products to include improved prescription drug coverage that will save members money, more essential benefits that make a meaningful difference in members’ lives and plans that fit their unique needs and budget. As part of the CVS Health family, Aetna wants our 10.6 million Medicare members nationwide to feel protected and supported through every moment of their personal health journeys.” (Oct 01 12:00 PM)

  • In Case You Missed It: Florida Response to Hurricane Ian Continues

    floridajobs.org / Control of the content of this website belongs to the website’s owner and not to the Department of Economic Opportunity. (Sep 30 06:05 PM)

  • A Colorful Road Trip Through Eastern Iowa

    www.aarp.org / Here, where the river forms Iowa’s eastern border with Illinois and Wisconsin, blazing ash, elm, hickory and maple trees shade the riverbanks with brilliant fall color, made more dramatic by the contrast with ochre and chalk-white limestone bluffs. (Sep 30 12:30 AM)

  • Tropical Storm Ian live updates Thursday: Officials report at least 12 dead across Florida

    www.palmbeachpost.com / The National Weather Service has canceled the tropical storm warning for Palm Beach County, although winds gusting to tropical storm-force are still possible today as Ian makes its way through the state. (Sep 29 05:59 PM)

  • 7 Tips to Make Raking Leaves Easier

    www.aarp.org / While large rakes with wider reaches might gather more leaves faster, they also “Might cause undue stress and strain on your shoulders and back” if you’re raking a large area. (Sep 29 04:29 AM)

  • Medical tailored meals part of Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, Health

    www.usatoday.com / Fighting disease with food A handful of nutrition and hunger experts said they’re not really sure what to expect from the White House Conference, but they hope the outcome will include more support for food as medicine. (Sep 28 08:22 PM)

  • Blue Fenugreek Kale Extract on Skin Health and Aging

    www.dovepress.com / The exploratory outcomes for the study included the assessment of skin barrier by TEWL. At the same time, effect of IP on parameters of skin aging such as skin moisture content, wrinkle severity, skin sagging, elasticity, radiance, luminosity, smoothness, texture, firmness, and skin hydration were also assessed. (Sep 27 11:53 PM)

  • The Best Witch Movies of All Time

    www.aarp.org / The Scarlet Witch played second fiddle in many of the MCU movies, but she took center stage in the Emmy-winning Disney+ limited series WandaVision, which saw her and hubby Vision living a seemingly idyllic suburban existence that cycled through decades of sitcom tropes over the course of nine episodes as she coped with her trauma. (Sep 27 05:41 PM)

  • Take a Road Trip to Explore Maine’s Blue Hill Peninsula

    www.aarp.org / Go straight for 1 1/2 miles on Christy Hill Road and turn right, climbing a hill. (Sep 26 11:16 PM)

  • Marvel’s Biggest Movie Hits Produced By Victoria Alonso

    www.aarp.org / After proving her chops in this sector, Alonso, 56, joined Marvel Studios in 2005, where she has served as an executive producer on every Marvel movie since The Avengers in 2012. (Sep 26 08:12 PM)

  • New pension scheme vs old pension scheme. Which is better?

    www.livemint.com / Home / News / India / New pension scheme vs old pension scheme. (Sep 26 01:31 AM)

  • Aging boom shakes, reshapes Southern California

    www.whittierdailynews.com / Given we’re talking about a population of roughly 20 million people, and a usually slow-moving data point like median age, the velocity of the region’s aging spurt is “Really, really fast,” said Walter Schwarm, who studies how changes in the population affect the economy for the California Dept. (Sep 25 02:04 PM)

  • My Fiancé Says I’m “Limiting His Potential” By Asking Him to Contribute to Our Expenses·

    slate.com / One, are you set on him contributing a fixed amount every month, or would you be open to splitting bills dependent on how much you both make? Would you be open to each of you paying a certain percentage based on your income? Should he aim to pay his bills ahead of time in case his income does dry up? (Sep 25 12:00 PM)

  • Lou film review: The women-headlined action-thriller seems to be designed to keep the relevant questions at bay with its fast pace

    www.sportskeeda.com / How does the film surpass relevant questions through its smart design? (Sep 23 05:44 PM)

  • Jose Mourinho admits retirement is approaching despite vowing to continue for ‘a few more years’

    www.dailymail.co.uk / Jose Mourinho admits he only has ‘a few more years’ to go before the curtain potentially comes down on his career in management. (Sep 22 08:57 PM)

  • Aging-care parameters to predict Mortality of Patients

    www.dovepress.com / Previous studies point out that NLR can predict adverse outcome of patients with CAP.22-24 For example, Cataudella et al reveal that NLR is an accurate predictor of 30-day mortality in elderly patients hospitalized for CAP, superior to CURB-65 and PSI.8 In their study, no deaths occurred in patients with an NLR of less than 11.12; but the 30‐day mortality was 30% in those with an NLR between 11.12 and 13.4, while those with an NLR between 13.4 and 28.3 showed 50% of 30 days mortality. (Sep 19 03:50 PM)

  • Steve Martin clarifies retirement remarks as ‘overstated’ as he plans on remaining busy in career

    www.dailymail.co.uk / Steve Martin has amended past remarks he made on his retirement plans. (Sep 19 03:15 AM)

  • Parents hesitate to give kids under 5 covid vaccine, worrying health officials

    www.washingtonpost.com / Just under 325,000 young children are fully vaccinated nationwide, according to the CDC. While some parents blame a lack of access, experts believe misinformation surrounding the shot for younger children is driving vaccine hesitancy. (Sep 18 05:57 PM)

  • Opinio: Good public transit crucial to an aging population

    ctmirror.org / “We want everyone to think about building ‘livable communities’ where people don’t need a car but can walk or catch a free ride to their nearby services. And if that’s good for at age 80, it’ll also be good for you at age 8.”. (Sep 18 08:30 AM)

  • Benjamin Button For Real? Scientists Are Close To Cracking The Code To Reverse Aging

    worldcrunch.com / The process has since been improved, since it is no longer necessary to go through the stage of pluripotent cells – which can degenerate into cancerous cells – to reverse cellular aging. (Sep 16 06:20 PM)

  • Preventing Alzheimer’s disease: The new science of the aging brain

    jewishchronicle.timesofisrael.com / It is true that the normal wear and tear of the aging brain causes some loss of gray matter brain cells and the white matter connections between them and results in an 80-year-old brain not being as nimble as a 40-year-old brain. (Sep 07 04:46 PM)

  • The Inflation Reduction Act and Your Health

    www.aarp.org / Starting in 2023 drugmakers who raise their prices more than the rate of general inflation will have to pay Medicare a rebate for the amount of their price increases above the rate of inflation. (Sep 06 01:32 PM)

  • Mutual fund calculator: Monthly SIP you need to get·

    www.livemint.com / Mutual fund calculator: Ravi Prakash Ujjwal is a 30 year old professional who is looking for an investment tool that can help him earn ₹1 lakh monthly pension when he turns 60. (Sep 04 01:57 AM)

  • People on the Move: Sept. 2

    delawarebusinesstimes.com / Szabo is a member of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, the Delaware Teachers of Science, the Caesar Rodney Education Association, the Delaware Education Association, and the Nation Education Association. (Sep 02 03:16 PM)

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