• Extendicare Announces 2022 Second Quarter Results

  • How 12 digital execs streamline tech for clinicians

    www.beckershospitalreview.com / Aaron Neinstein, MD. Vice President of Digital Health at University of California San Francisco Health and Senior Director of the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation: We view digital health as a set of tools in our care delivery tool kit at UCSF that can help us advance quality care, improve experience, improve access to care and be more efficient in operations, allowing us to serve patients better. (Aug 09 03:22 PM)

  • ‘Girls’ and ‘women’ omitted from NHS guidance on periods

    www.dailymail.co.uk / The NHS has been accused of trying to erase women after MailOnline revealed the terms ‘women’ and ‘girls’ had been omitted from guidance about periods. (Aug 09 08:07 AM)

  • Australian tax office reveals the average super balance for 2019-20 and it’s well short

    www.dailymail.co.uk / Xavier O’Halloran, the director of Super Consumers Australia, said the new tax office figures, showing average super balances by tax bracket, were misleading because wealthy people of any age group could distort the results. (Aug 08 05:08 PM)

  • What type of health insurance is best for seniors?

    www.livemint.com / Please suggest a good health Insurance plan for me and my wife as we both are senior citizens. (Aug 08 07:34 AM)

  • PNM Resources, Inc. (PNM) CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn on Q2 2022 Results

    seekingalpha.com / With the majority of our forward-looking rate base growth recovered through the FERC formula rate and TNMP rate mechanisms. (Aug 07 05:10 PM)

  • Senior dogs could help us understand an incurable brain condition

    www.inverse.com / In another study, the two citizen science projects worked together and found, with the help of pet dogs donated post-mortem, that older dogs and those that exhibited dementia-like behaviors had increased levels in their brain of amyloid-beta, a misfolded protein that is also associated with Alzheimer’s disease in people. (Aug 06 11:00 PM)

  • Are things are really more expensive these days?

    www.nny360.com / With the current inflation rate, things that cost a dollar 50 years ago would approximate cost $7.03 today. (Aug 06 02:15 PM)

  • Out & About: B.R.A.G. Basketball Tournament, Zumba for Seniors, Woodwind Quintet on Van Cortlandt Museum Lawn & More!

    www.norwoodnews.org / MUSIC. Bronx Arts Ensemble presents North American Redux, a free concert of works by historic and living North American composers, from Scott Joplin’s opera, Treemonisha, to works by living Canadian and Mexican composers, at Van Cortlandt House Museum on Sat, Aug. 20 at 2 p.m. Bring a blanket or chair and spend an afternoon with the Bronx Arts Ensemble Woodwind Quintet, enjoying music on the lawn of the Van Cortlandt House Museum. (Aug 06 06:59 AM)

  • Who’s who in Eric Adams’ administration

    www.cityandstateny.com / Yes, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is thinking about “Emotional intelligence” as he fills out his administration, but he’s also thinking about demographic representation. (Aug 05 06:18 PM)

  • Predictors of Adverse Outcomes in Healthy Aging Adults: Coronary Arter

    www.dovepress.com / In the face of rapidly aging populations, promotion of healthy aging and development of effective programs to prevent adverse outcomes of aging are necessary to meet the challenges facing medical and social care systems. (Aug 04 11:53 PM)

  • Single 31-year-old moves into a RETIREMENT community

    www.dailymail.co.uk / A 31-year-old who moved into a retirement community in Florida as a single woman is opening up about her blissful life in the building, where she can lounge by the pool, do puzzles, and eat homecooked meals with her senior citizen neighbors. (Aug 04 02:15 PM)

  • How to defend your pension from the taxman

    www.thisismoney.co.uk / Amy Pethers, financial planner at Brewin Dolphin, says: ‘The headline rate of pension tax-free cash is 25 per cent, but some pension savers with older style company pension schemes may find that they have a greater amount of protected cash available. (Aug 04 06:00 AM)

  • Norwegian Cruise Line vs. Royal Caribbean: Compare two popular big-ship cruise lines

    thepointsguy.com / If you are considering a cruise with Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Line, you are looking for an active, big-ship cruise experience – possibly on some of the largest ships in the world. (Aug 03 01:50 PM)

  • Bowl games to start the season? Reimagining the college football calendar

    www.espn.com / Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek: “You would need to change habits of fans who use bowl opportunities for holiday travel while kids are out of school and many professions have flexible work schedules. Bowl games in August would interfere with the start of school in most communities and end of family vacation schedules. Also, many of the bowl destinations are packed with general tourism during this time period and may not be able to accommodate bowl games.” (Aug 03 10:57 AM)

  • Michigan Primary 2022 Candidate Guide: Macomb County Board of Commissioners

    wdet.org / Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: My degree in communications, 20-year background in finance working as a union member for a Macomb County municipality, working for major nonprofit service organizations in Metro Detroit and a 48-year resident of Macomb County give me the ideal background to serve as an elected official on the Board of Commissioners. (Aug 02 12:56 AM)

  • Cross-sectional associations of personal efforts and beliefs and depressive symptoms among older adults in India

    www.nature.com / Given the higher prevalence of depressive symptoms among community-dwelling older adults in India62, efforts are called for to reduce the risk of depressive symptoms which may occur as part of increased exposure to the age-related life stressors, by enhancing the possible protective factors including personal efforts and beliefs. (Aug 01 06:18 PM)

  • How to generate Rs 50,000 pension per month from NPS?

    www.moneycontrol.com / 40% for annuity purchase – NPS corpus required Rs 2.5 crore· 60% for annuity purchase – NPS corpus required Rs 1.7 crore· 80% for annuity purchase – NPS corpus required Rs 1.3 crore. (Aug 01 02:38 AM)

  • Why Do We Get Old, and Can Aging Be Reversed?

    www.quantamagazine.org / The female cells may be more fit because their mitochondria are more evolved to the female cells compared to male cells. (Jul 27 08:52 PM)

  • The Aging Student Debtors of America

    www.newyorker.com / In an era of declining wages and rising debt, Americans are not aging out of their student loans-they are aging into them. (Jul 27 06:15 PM)

  • Silver Alert: 67-year-old woman never returned to assisted living facility in Oak Creek

    www.cbs58.com / Vossekuil left her assisted living facility around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26 to go to a doctor’s appointment at St Francis Hospital and never returned. (Jul 27 10:52 AM)

  • Stars and Filmmakers Over 50 Still Excelling in Hollywood

    www.aarp.org / Thelma M. Adams, the former film critic for Us Weekly and the New York Post, is a novelist who writes on film for AARP, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. (Jul 26 08:01 PM)

  • Biden improves ‘significantly,’ throat still sore from COVID

    tucson.com / WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden continues to “Improve significantly” despite a lingering sore throat from his coronavirus infection, according to an update Sunday from his doctor. (Jul 24 06:19 PM)

  • Skin Care Tips and Secrets From Female Dermatologists

    www.aarp.org / Many dermatologists often use professional-grade skin care products sold at medi-spas, in dermatology offices or on specialized sites rather than the usual mainstream stuff. (Jul 14 06:13 PM)

  • Nurses are wrongly being banned from drinking WATER on hospital wards amid heatwave

    www.dailymail.co.uk / Nurses are being banned from drinking water because senior managers wrongly believe it poses an infection risk. (Jul 13 03:59 PM)

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