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Elders Voice

Elders Voice

“I won’t be out on the street with a tin cup if I sell my apartment, but I don’t want to have to do that.”

Dorri Olds, a 61-year-old freelance writer and graphic designer, says she has spent nearly all her savings to refurbish her New York City apartment. In an emergency, she says she would sell it and consider retiring outside the U.S., possibly in a country like Costa Rica. But she is also a caretaker for her 89-year-old mother, who lives a half hour away in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Olds sees how her mother's health is declining, and worries that she, too, may have health issues as she ages. "Ideally, I would wait until 70 to collect Social Security; that's when you get the most money," Olds says. "But I'm also panicked that politicians may gut it. I'm working harder to get more freelance jobs." Running Out of Money in Retirement Olds' concerns about waiting to collect Social...
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It is the stress of life’s difficulties that creates our ‘diamond self.’ 

Without pressure, carbon can never become diamond.  If you think you cannot stand the pressure, then you do not know that you are a human being.  The human body has been made to withstand extreme pressure to crystalize the consciousness. As Buddha reminds us, we are all born to suffer, not in the sense of living a life of misery, but in recognition that we are unlikely not to experience great sorrow and painful disappointment in the course of our lives.  Loss is inevitable.  Our capacity for responding to it with resiliency is up to us. The challenge is to surrender to reality.  We can focus on what is lost, or we can put our emphasis on the possibilities that might open to us. The pressures inherent to the realities of life are ever present, as are the choices...
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The new age

(City-journal) French philosopher and author of many books,Pascal Bruckner, asks, will this new third age be a time of transfigured maturity or quavering post-adolescence?
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The Older Woman Warrior

(Women's Older Wisdom Blog)  The world needs the collective wisdom of older women.  It needs their compassionate outlook in a world dominated by men.